Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Summer Camping Trip

Our last night out...

My Handsome fisherman.

The cabin we stayed in.

The whole family out in the pontoon.

Axel and Papa fishing.
Notice the Northern on the top has something huge in his belly.
Well we cut him open and found an 8in crappie in it.
On the scooter with papa.

So upset that the ride is over..more!!

camping 09 035

Kids loved playing in the little pool although I think Axel preferred the lake.

camping 09 019

Axel proud of his bucket of fish.

camping 09 024 

Addy’s not so sure.

camping 09 029

Crappie on the left and sunny on the right.

camping 09 027

Our first day’s catch. Axel came with us and had so much fun. Every time we caught a fish he would yell..”Need touch!!” Then if they were too small and we throw them back he would get so upset. He wanted us to keep them all and put them in his bucket. He had a lot of fun and helped mommy quite a bit with getting the fish off.:)

camping 09 009