Friday, March 20, 2009

Cabbage Patch Baby

Does my daughter look like a cabbage Patch doll?

Sara and Kailyn came to visit...she is found laughing here. She has the cutest laugh...although it's kind of hard to tell if she is laughing or crying sometimes.

Our noisy little girl...well maybe not so little.:)

Axel's first time using chopsticks.

Addy was sitting playing by herself then when I looked next she was laying there contently. When she saw everyone looking at her she started smiling.

Matt trying out the shirt we got for Axel.
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Matt's Birthday...we were at my parents for the week-end and helped him celebrate.
Chloe thinks she's a present.
The beautiful flowers Tiff received for her birthday from a special admirer, he also bought her a new carhartt jacket.
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Our very happy and chunky little girl.
Addy and Tiff...she has been living with us off and on for about a month and a half. She has been so much help..I wish she would never leave!:)
Axel thought it was so funny to put this little hat on Tiff's bun.
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Ryan got in on the bedtime routine and read Axel his bedtime story.

Adelynn is helping Tiff play cards.

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Axel trying out chop sticks.

Axel eating edomome...he loved them.

My parents took us out for Japanese was delicious!

She loves her food!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Axel wanted to hold Adelynn. Then when we took the video we turned the music down which he was not very happy with. The beginning of the video he is telling us to turn it back up so he can dance.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bath Time

Addy and Axel's first time taking a bath together.

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Long Day

I just love these! Doesn't it just make you smile to see a boy all tuckered out like this?

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Axel's new thing

  • As soon as Axel hears me doing anything in the kitchen he is there. He comes flying in gets all excited and runs to the dining room to grab a chair and push it up to the counter right next to me right in the middle of the flying knives and boiling water. I say no you can't help mommy right now take him off the chair and push the chair back. He then proceeds to throw himself on the floor screaming and crying until he realizes mommy is ignoring him and back trying to get something done. Then it starts all over again. Axel running to the dining room to get a chair. It seems what used to take me 10min to takes a good half hour or so.
  • This morning I was trying to get both kids ready and out the door to go meet a friend and hang out in town. I had finally gotten them both fed and dressed when Addy very loudly informed me to feed her. I feed her and then got her coat on and in the car seat then went to find Axel. Found him almost completely had to dress him all over again and finally out the door we went.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wow it's been a while again...sorry about that.
  • First of all no pictures and videos in this post as our camera batteries have died and our charger broke. So one of my goals this week is to go get a new charger. Then we will be back up and running with new and wonderful pictures and videos:)
  • This morning I woke up to Addy and Axel talking to each other in their room. Well that's what it sounded like anyway. It was a wonderful thing to hear because most mornings since we put them together in the same room I wake up to screaming and crying. Hopefully it means they are starting to get over the nasty cold that has been going around. I'm still in the middle of it but feeling a whole lot better then the last couple of days. I actually feel as if I have some energy to get something done around here.
  • This last week-end we went to WI and got to see a lot of family. It was fun although it would have been better if I was feeling better...I think I was in a daze most of the week-end trying to fight this cold. On sat. they rented a gym and set up a bounce house. Then had a pot luck and played all sorts of games.
  • The other day Axel brought Kent a plastic cup of water. I was in the kitchen doing dishes so he yells down to me "do you know where Axel got this water." Before I had a chance to think about it and say no. Kent just shrugs and says thank you Axel and takes a drink. Then starts to think about it and jumps up in horror. He runs to the bathroom and yells to me. I come upstairs to find him swishing madly with mouthwash. I asked him what happened and he said, Your son gave me a cup of water and you know where you got that water...(me trying not to burst out laughing)from the toilet!" Just to confirm that this was true we gave the cup back to Axel and asked him where he got the water. He happily walked over to the toilet and tapped the cup on the toilet ready to get us some more lovely toilet water if that's what we wanted.:)
  • Tonight I have MOPS. It's a 2 hr break for me from the kids where I get to meet with other moms, chat and eat supper and then listen to a speaker. The speaker is something mom or wife related meant to encourage us moms. I love it! Tonight our group is in charge of the supper. That being said I need to get off my butt and get to work. Hopefully it will be a much shorter gap between the next two posts...with of course pictures:)