Monday, June 28, 2010

Our 12 Day Summer Trip

So our trip begins. First I have to say that I loved it but I have also never been so exhausted in all my life. Our trip started with a plane ride to Sacramento, layover in Denver. Then getting a rental car to drive to our cabin in the mountains. We stayed there 2 nights and then drove through the mountains to the wedding in Medford OR. After the wedding we drove along the coast, through the redwood forests to San Francisco. Along the way we stayed in a hotel one night and then with Anna's mom's sister and husband the second night. From San Francisco we flew to San Diego to spend 4 days with Lane and Alesha. Then we flew home with a layover again in Denver. Now doesn't that make you exhausted just thinking about it. The worst part was the airports. We had 3 checked bags, 2 car seats, 2 strollers with Gavin's car seat and 3 carry-ons. We were quite the sight.

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Our Cabin in the Moutains

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Where Axel and Addy slept the first night.

Trying to wake up with some coffee.
The day before we left on our trip Axel pinched his finger. He won't let us look at it and was screaming in pain so, we weren't sure if it was broken so we spent a few hours in Urgent care and got x-rays done. Not broken but he still wasn't a very happy boy the first day of our trip.
Axel found a pinapple
They were jumping for the camera.

Daddy making supper. Grilled fish and shrimp.
Our cabin
Our rental van

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Drive through the mountains

On our way to Medford OR for Chad and Anna's wedding....the kids were exhausted.

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Short Visit in Ashland OR

Short visit with Jordan, Heidi and Elle. Wish it could have been longer but was fun to see them for a bit anyway.

Jordan's Chiro office.
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Chad and Anna's Wedding

Their wedding was in Medford, OR on June 5th.

I think if you could just cute Axel and I out of this one you might have a successful family photo.
Our family photo. Kids loved it as you can see. We're hoping Weston(the photographer) got at least one good one of us.
The groom

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The ring bearers
The flower girls
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The boys and their tool boxes. The rings were inside them.

Uncle Harold and Addy. He was at our wedding 4 years ago. Was special to see him again.

Axel couldn't wait till it was all over so he could play with his tools. Notice the ring box...he completely filled it with grass. Oh but he looks so innocent.
Baby Annika
Cake time...and it was amazing! I would love a piece right now.

Their ride...Anna's brothers truck.