Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eating at the Mall

Driving Papa's Tractor

Addy Talking

Jerry and Leanne here for the week-end

Eating homemade ice cream Sunday afternoon.
We let Addy lick off the mixer..her expression says it all.:)
At the River Bats baseball came on Sat. night. The kids loved it, lots going on. I won the tickets and they were really good seats.

All the kids asleep after a rough afternoon of shopping and playing.
Bowden and Axel on the slide.
Benjamin he is 8 months old and as big or bigger then Addy. Quite a cutie.
Cute little Addy, she is really starting to get around now and explore.
Happy after a big meal at the mall.
Weston stopped and meet us at the mall on his way home. He was our official manny for the day. :)
Getting ready to head into the mall with our two double strollers. Look out everyone!
My happy little shopper, excited to get going.

Bounce Depot

Brenton came to visit us for the week-end so we decided to go to the Bounce Depot in town and try it out. It has 5 different inflatables, a maze, huge slide, obstacle course, bounce ball area and just a regular bounce house. It also has a little area for Addy's age to play. The boys loved it they could have stayed there all day.

4th of July Weekend

I know this is way late but here it is.

Addy and her fan club at the play area at the one time she had about 5 girls surrounding her and she loved it!
Axel getting a little more adventurous..although I hear a lot of, "mommy I need help!!"

Sitting at the Bock parade with grandma. (notice the fistful of candy
Addy watching the parade.
Walking to the Bock parade.
The baby robins on Grandpa and Grandma's porch.
Letting Axel drive.."Watch out for the tree!!"