Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Big brother taking his turn. Wasn't so sure about holding him though.
Alert little boy.
Daddy and Gavin
Getting lots of kisses
Kids first time seeing their new brother.
Couple hours old.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our confused baby #3

Ladies and Gentleman I have figured it out. We have a confused baby. I thought this baby would show up early but our due date has come and went and he is still very much filling up my belly. So the problem I figured out is that the baby is trying to get out my belly button. Hopefully baby will figure out soon that that isn't the way out, because I'm started to get a little annoyed with the whole belly button thing.

Axel and Addy's New Room

The kids love their new room. Well at least Axel does. Addy is having a little harder time adjusting. Axel moved from his crib to a big twin bunk bed. He woke up every morning for about a week to inform us with a big grin, "I like my new bed." Wish Addy had the same excitement about her new crib. She is slowly adjusting though. Hopefully they both will be settled in before #3 decides to pop out. Who is being quite stubborn by the way. My due date was the 13th. I honestly thought baby would come early. Guess he has other plans. We'll keep you posted.

Closet area
family room/play room

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

The big T-day dinner...lots of mouths to feed...lots of yummy food!!
Grandpa making friends with Chloe.
Everyone digging in.

Luke..Alyssa and Matt's little boy.
Singing Hymns
Getting up early with the kids I got to watch some really amazing sunsets over the pond.
Daddy got a coyote!

Brenton's first time out got himself 2 deer with a little help for Kent.
Addy and Papa checking out the deer.