Wednesday, February 29, 2012


He may still be hanging on to the whole baby thing.


Using the bumbo Mike and Lois got for us.

Addy loves holding her little brother. He is a week away from being 3 months and weighs 16 lbs already! Happy boy!

Axel being goofy.

Kent was holding Gunnar at the dinner table and of course Addy had to ask, "I want to hold Gunnar." We got a kick out of it because she was so dirty after gobbling down her beets but of course that didn't cross her mind.

We told her no you can't. The next second she is showing us how she can wink. She is one crazy girl:)

Axel loves beets.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Excitment Never Ends Around Here!

On Friday night Kent came home with 7 baby goats. I had no idea he was going to do this. Oh and they all need to be bottle fed. Aren't they cute!? By the way since then one has died and we don't think another one is going to make it. Also this is when they were in the shed, where Daisy our cow is milked. They spooked her so bad that she busted out of her stanchion and won't go near the shed for the next several milkings. So that was fun.
The goats were then moved to an outside pen. Which leads us to the next part of the story see below.

The kids were very excited and spent the evening and the entire next day playing with them.

They would nibble on Gavin and he was constantly say "ow!" But he refused to get out of the goat pen.

Now on to the next story. Last night we made a deal with a guy who has Great Pyrenees puppies. We are trading a bred gilt(female pig) for two puppies. One of which we brought home last night. We want them to protect the animals so we put him out with the goats, along with Buddy our big dog. This helps them build a bond with the animals. Everyone was all snuggled together in their little shed when I checked on them in the afternoon. About an hour later I see smoke flying past the window. At first I thought it was from the chimney. I looked out the window to see their little shed up in flames. My heart sank and I whipped on my boots and took off outside. All the goats were out and the puppy and Buddy were trying to get out of the fence away from the fire. I started rounding up singed fur goats and throwing them in a little trailer that was close by to contain them. Grab the puppy and them called Buddy over to the area where he could get out of the fence. Thank goodness that area wasn't on fire because I don't know if I could have lifted him....he is huge.
The fresh snow and the wind were a huge blessing today. The wind was blowing the opposite direction of our big shed that is full of more hay and things that explode. The fireman came put it all out and all is well. Except for the massive mess that was left behind that is. We have a lot of cleanup to do but no lost lives so I'm thankful. On to fight another day.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Living Life

He was just too cute, I had to grab the camera and snap a few.

Addy giving lots of kisses.

Gavin was upset about something.

Then I told him to smile. Above was his response the first time.

The second time I asked he cracked a smile.

Then he was back to his craziness.

Here he is giving himself a back massage with his toy cars. This boy loves his back scratched.

Finally got Gunnar to crack a smile.

The boys were hard at work and loving helping daddy bring in wood. It was actually Axel that asked Daddy if they could. Looks like Gavin was working so hard he had to shed some layers!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gunnar 2 months old

I have yet to get a good picture of him smiling and also hope to get a video of him talking. It seems the camera is never around when he really puts on a show and I'm usually so captivated that I just sit there staring, smiling and cooing back. These are after all the moments that make the long pregnancy and labor worth it.

Axel looks so grown up here. Some days this little boy sends me over the edge with his whining, teasing his siblings and acting like a baby. Then all the sudden he is acting all grown up by being really helpful without even being asked. He just sees whats needs to get done and he does it. This morning Addy came screaming over to me while I was nursing Gunnar because her hands were still sticky from breakfast. I said I'll help you soon I'm almost done. She continues to break down screaming and crying. Axel comes over and says, "come on Addy I'll help you wash up", and away they went.
Yesterday I picked the kids up at my parents. When it was time to go Axel put his shoes and coat on and then took all their suitcases to the car. Then he went to my mom's van and got all the car seats out and put them in our van. When I finally come out with Gunnar he was working on the last car seat and I said I can get it. He said, "no mom I got it."