Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Big brother taking his turn. Wasn't so sure about holding him though.
Alert little boy.
Daddy and Gavin
Getting lots of kisses
Kids first time seeing their new brother.
Couple hours old.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our confused baby #3

Ladies and Gentleman I have figured it out. We have a confused baby. I thought this baby would show up early but our due date has come and went and he is still very much filling up my belly. So the problem I figured out is that the baby is trying to get out my belly button. Hopefully baby will figure out soon that that isn't the way out, because I'm started to get a little annoyed with the whole belly button thing.

Axel and Addy's New Room

The kids love their new room. Well at least Axel does. Addy is having a little harder time adjusting. Axel moved from his crib to a big twin bunk bed. He woke up every morning for about a week to inform us with a big grin, "I like my new bed." Wish Addy had the same excitement about her new crib. She is slowly adjusting though. Hopefully they both will be settled in before #3 decides to pop out. Who is being quite stubborn by the way. My due date was the 13th. I honestly thought baby would come early. Guess he has other plans. We'll keep you posted.

Closet area
family room/play room

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

The big T-day dinner...lots of mouths to feed...lots of yummy food!!
Grandpa making friends with Chloe.
Everyone digging in.

Luke..Alyssa and Matt's little boy.
Singing Hymns
Getting up early with the kids I got to watch some really amazing sunsets over the pond.
Daddy got a coyote!

Brenton's first time out got himself 2 deer with a little help for Kent.
Addy and Papa checking out the deer.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

A day at the Kramer's

All morning Axel was going around with a big lump in his leg. I asked him what it was. He said, "Baby in there." I said, "oh there's a baby in your tummy!?" He said, "No! Baby in my leg."

Then he must have decided he was bored with all this baby stuff and just like that the baby was born. If only it was that easy!

Here is our oh so innocent dog. She has been driving me crazy, but I really have no time to deal with her along with a million other things that are driving me crazy these days.
This is my attempt at a picture of my two adorable children. I think I need to call in some professional help.

Here is my oh so innocent daughter.
Addy enjoying her breakfast.

Our New Bedroom

Almost complete. Chad and Anna came over Friday night and all day Sat. Got all the sanding, texture done and some of the trim on. Finished product coming soon. Stay tuned.
Kent and Chad putting on texture.
The happy couple.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


New room!

Chad and Anna came over this last week-end and built us another bedroom for the kids. It has been stressing me out that all three kids would be in the same room. We have two rooms upstairs but the kids room is really same so they would all have to be moved to the master room and then Kent and I would squeeze into the kids room.
This new room downstairs eliminates all of that. We get to keep our comfy room, Axel and Addy get a nice new room and I get a nursery to put the new baby in!! It is all very exciting. Below are some pictures of the process. All that's left to do is sand, texture and paint the walls. Then fix the flooring and apply the trim and we have another room! I'm so lucky to have a brother in law like Chad that does such great work.Laying it out

Installing dry wall.

Drywall taped and mud applied.
Stay tuned for finished product.

Trick or Treat!

Of course the night did not go as I had perfectly planned but over all it was good. The kids had some fun and I got some candy:)
So after supper we took the kids out. It was cold and Addy was tired. She was a skunk and Axel was a cowboy. As always Axel took a while to warm up to the idea of trick or treating. So as we are heading home this is when he decides he is really having fun and is super excited about everyone putting candy in his bag. So we take Addy home to bed and Axel goes out for some more fun but this time as a skunk. (it was warmer) He even started saying trick or treat although he was way to quiet for any one to hear him. The funniest this was to see him waddle up to the houses with his skunk costume on. It it wasn't so dark I would have a video to say everyone. Sorry.

Cowboy Axel above and Little miss sticky below. This was the night before Halloween.

Here is Axel all ready to go out the second time dressed as a skunk.
Here are the not so happy trick or treaters and my handsome husband.
The cowboy and skunk's chariot.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Carving and Apple Cider Making

You gotta love Fall!
One of the finished pumpkins.
Tiff was a huge help making cider. Kent and her made 8 gallons of cider.
Our little helpers. The whole time Addy was outside helping she had an apple in hand.

The finished product.
The carving crew minus Tiff. Tiff came up for the week-end and was a huge help. We all decided to carve pumpkins after breakfast and then Tiff, Kent and the kids did apple cider all afternoon.
Addy and Axel loved it although they weren't much help. They refused to touch the goopy insides but helped get some of the seeds out.