Wednesday, April 28, 2010


These pictures make me smile. I love how much Axel and Addy love their little brother. It's so cute to watch. They are constantly kissing, hugging, begging to hold and entertaining him. At times it can be a little much but then there are times like these below.

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Notice the footwear. Addy loves shoes. Before she even has time to get dressed she has picked out the shoes she wants to wear. As you can tell from the photo above she is not too picky about style yet. The only thing that really matters to her at this point is that she has shoes on her feet at all times. I really don't know when this whole love for shoes started. I think one idea is that she never wants to get left behind. She loves to go places and be outside and she knows she has to have shoes on to do this. She is always prepared to bolt:) Another reason maybe that she is a girl. Girls love shoes it's in our blood!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sam's Club

Oh how Axel loves Sam's Club. I think this has come about because this is the only place he gets to go anymore. He loves to go to town and get out the of house but the only place I can go with an infant and two toddlers is Sam's Club. Kent and I went to the mall Saturday and we are quite the sight. Him pushing Axel in his Stroller and me with Addy and Gavin in the double stroller.

I ask Axel, "where you going?" "I'm going to Sam's Club mama!" he says.

Me: What did you get at Sam's Club?

Axel: Meat!

The strange this is that we rarely get meat at Sam's.

Notice his outfit. He wanted to go outside by daddy and was in too much of a hurry to worry about pants. What really matters though is that he matches:)

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Installing our Fence

I never thought one day I would be so over joyed to have a fenced in yard. A while back I told my dear husband that I wanted a fence, so he searched far and wide and got very lucky to find this one on craigslist. Oh how we love craigslist. It's exactly what we were looking for but never thought we would get. Now all because of my wonderful husband and all his hard work I can sit in my comfy chair drinking ice tea while my crazy children are contained in our own backyard. Oh yeah and this is the first summer I'm not going to be pregnant. This I'm also over joyed about but has nothing to do with the fence. Bring on the long, warm, sunshiny, days of summer!!

So here you have it. My handsome husband in his not so handsome outfit hard at work with all his tools to get this fence done.

Does your husband have any articles of clothing that you just wish would disappear? Ever since we have been married, umm actually ever since we were dating he has had these article of clothing that should just poof disappear.

This fence has been quite the project. First of all the ground in our little town is very rocky. Big rocks and augers do not get along. Here we are using a thing called a Jawhorse one of daddies presents (according to Axel) also two grippy things to hold the levels in place. This all adds up to building a fence being a one man job.

Oh so beautiful...never thought I'd think a fence would be so beautiful. Oh how life changes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Axel's 3rd Birthday Pictures

One very happy little boy...high on birthday power(the whole thing kind of went to his head) and cake and ice cream.

Loving the Jump-o-lene!!

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Chocolate Cake and homemade ice cream..not much better then that. I asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. He informed me he wanted a chocolate cake with trains.

Addy giving daddy a very sloppy kiss.

The results

Yum, yumm, yumm!!

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Picnic table Axel got from Papa and Nanny Kleinstick.


Birthday Boy!

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Just the distraction Addy needed to snag her daddy's soda:)

Our meal of General Tso's chicken and bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers...yumm!!

Loved ripping open the presents.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Axel!!


Thank-you Papa and Nanny Kramer!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bug Vac

Thank-you to Uncle Lane and Auntie Alesha!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


The kids love company! Here is our neighbor with her son Alex.
Don't think Addy appreciated having to stop so I could take her picture.
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Loves his Little Brother

Found Axel laying next to Gavin the other day reading him stories. Not sure what this story was about but I did catch the ending. He said, "and they didn't have to go to bed all night."
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gavin Talking at 3 Months

Couple video's from the week-end at the Grandparents

Silly string fight!!

Axel Driving

Went to Great Grandpa and Grandma's for the Week-end

Had lots of fun and the week-end went fast. We usually only make it there during Thanksgiving or deer hunting week-end when it a very full house. So was nice to have a quieter setting this time.

Easter Baskets

Aunt Judy put together little Easter baskets for the kids. They were thrilled!!

Don't think they have ever had so many goodies all to themselves before. I think it kind of went to Axel's head he was shoveling it in as fast as he could.

Thank you Judy for the treats!!

Silly String Fight!

Axel was so excited. He would try so hard to get it to spray at everyone but ended up needing a little help.

Man down!

Gavin hanging out with Uncle Brenton.

Papa took Addy out for a ride on my grandpa and grandma's pond.

The kids couldn't get enough of it.

I love this picture above. Do you see the resemblance in Addy and her daddy?

The picture below is too funny with Addy big smashed up cheeks.

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