Monday, August 23, 2010

Outside Family Time

Daddy did Addy's hair tonight. By this I mean he wet it and let it air dry. This is what gets really curly.
The kids love to get thrown in the air. Axel is getting a little heavy though. He doesn't make it too far anymore.

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Fixin' her hair.
Bye bye!

Axel hard at play.

Surprise Party for Lois!

Not sure what's wrong with my camera but all my pictures are a little off. I had to post some anyway.
Opening presents!
Hey where's mine?

Here's some of the rowdy bunch.
She was surprised!
Here's my dad looking very happy because it wasn't his surprise party.
Addy trying to help Nanny with her cake.

Addy looking a little worried her piece isn't going to be big enough.

Slip n Slide

Kent and I found this at a garage sale. I thought oh this will be so fun for the kids. Well it turned out to be fun alright but not for my kids. oh I guess one of them is considered mine.
Oh and there he is.

My fun loving very handsome husband.

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Tour of a Dairy Farm

Addy chatting it up.
Cows were a little worried about the little humans getting to close.
The kids loved it.
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Trying to get a peek at the baby cow..also known as a calf.
Ahh so cute..I just want to snuggle it.
This was quite a big operation...they had like 400 cows I think.

The end!