Tuesday, December 23, 2008

  • At the last minute this last week-end we decided to go to my parents house again. I'm glad we did because it ended up being a very fun filled week-end with lots of family time. We got there in time Friday night to have supper at Patty and Jon's. Weston, Matt, Tiffany, Jerome, Grandpa, Grandma, my parents and Brenton were all there. Then on Saturday the guys all went fishing...Axel included. It was quite exciting for Axel to get all bundled up and be out with all the guys. Us ladies had a quiet time sipping tea and coffee sitting in front of the fireplace. That evening we had a big fish fry.
  • Today was Kents last day of work...he has the next 6 work days off!!! He is very excited about that he has been working very hard...which means I have also been working hard at home without his extra help. Now we will both get a break.:) Can't wait to spend some quality time with my husband!:)
  • Friday night dinner at Patty and Jon's.

    Our 4 generation picture.

    Resting with Great-grandpa Sat. night

    Adelynn chillin with Tiff and Jerome.

    Grandpa taking Axel ice fishing. First time ice fishing and first time riding in Grandpa's truck.

    Daddy and Axel out on the ice.

    Axel checkin' out some frozen fish.

    All Kent's ice fishing gear. My grandpa loved the little tent.

    Jerome and Tiff out on the ice.

    My dad getting ready to catch the big one!

    In Kent's ice fishing house.

    Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    • This week-end we went to my parents. On sat. we all ventured to Mall of America. I love going to the mall, even though I know we have no money to buy anything... just being there makes me happy. Does anyone else feel the same way?
    • That evening Chad and his girlfriend Anna came over. We hung out, had a nice supper and played some games. They ended up spending the night and then staying most of Sun. Was a lot of fun. They make a great couple...Kent and I approve not that that matters or anything.:)
    • Sunday night an ice storm hit and then a blizzard. We ended up spending Sunday night at my parents so we didn't have to drive home in the stuff. Then I decided to stay at my parents with the kids since Kent was going to be working a lot the next couple of days. It has been so bitterly cold these last couple days. Hope this below zero stuff doesn't last too long. I bought a snowsuit for Axel and would like to try it out.

    Our chunky little girl after a bath.
    Playing the Wii Saturday night.

    Kent and Brenton playing Tennis on the Wii...quite entertaining to watch.

    Watching my husband the tennis playing pro:)

    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    I think our little girl is going to be a loud one...

    Spent this last week-end at Jerry and Leanne's house. Was a lot of fun. We went to the water park on Sat. which was very refreshing after being cooped up. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch our kids grow up together, since they are so close in age.

    Adelynn ready to take a bath.

    Arrowwood resort water park we went to on Sat.

    Buddies hanging out at the water park.
    Tired out.

    Benjamin, Jerry and Leanne's newest. He always seems to have this worried look on his face. It's quite cute.

    Lovin' the water park.

    Their favorite toy. They had so many toys but they just couldn't get enough of the doggy kennel.

    Axel loved Jerry and Leanne's dog.

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Good news and Bad news

    First the good news we got to see and visit with a lot of family on both sides of the family. The bad news is that my Grandpa Ray passed away. He had 7 children, 20 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Everyone was there except for 2 great- grandchildren so it was a very nice reunion for everyone but wish it was under happier circumstances.
    "Life has just one purpose-to prepare us for a rich eternity"
    My Grandpa will be greatly missed. It was so nice to be in the Sunday morning meeting with all the family. It was a very rich meeting that I will never forget. I'm very thank-ful for the faithful example of my grandpa. He stayed steady and true. He loved his family and loved having them all together but most of all he wanted all those that he loved to realize that life has just one purpose.
    Cindy with her newest grandson, Izach.
    Jonathan my youngest cousin.

    Axel and Jonathon playing they are very close in age. Notice the shoes Axel found...he also found a little pink purse he carried around.
    We took many family pictures but I didn't have my camera so I'll have to get the pictures from Weston or my mom and hopefully post them soon.

    Our long Thanks-giving Week-end

    We had a very nice and relaxing thanksgiving week-end. Kent went hunting everyday except Sunday of course. He shot a very young doe...he would have liked to get a big buck but I think I'll like the meat of this deer a lot better, so I'm happy. Here is Alexi and Brenton being silly on the 4-wheeler Kent got all bloody.

    Axel first time touching a deer. It took him awhile to warm up to the idea..but once he realized that it wasn't going to move he couldn't get enough of it.

    Brenton, Grandpa and Trevor were all a big help cutting up the deer. I helped package it all up later and ground some into hamburger.
    Cousin's and their babies. (From L to R) Alyssa and Luke, Erika and Ana, Me and Axel, Christina(a worker) and my little girl Adelynn.
    Ana loves to jump with some help of course.
    Adelynn almost 3 mo. and about 14 pounds or more. She is a chunky little girl:)
    Luke 6mo(Alyssa and Matt's little boy)