Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time to Steal Some Honey!!

Our Hive.

Lifting the cover to puff in some smoke. The guard bees let off a certain smell that mean something is attacking the hive and the whole hive will swarm you to protect their home and honey. The smoke is to confuse them so they don't attack you.

Taking off the honey supers.

This is the queen excluder. The bees here are dead drones that have been kicked out the hive. They are only around to mate with the queen to create more bees which they don't need right now since winter is coming.
Looking inside the hive body.

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Inside the Hive

Worker bees are responsible for constructing the combs. Using wax secreted from their abdomens, they build the combs downward from the top of the hive. They attach each comb, which consists of two layers of horizontal, hexagonally shaped cells, to the roof and walls, leaving small passageways along the walls to allow movement between combs. In a typical nest, the combs will have cells for storing honey up top, followed by a layer of pollen-storage cells, and then beneath that the brood cells for workers and, off to one side, drones. Finally, at the bottom or off by themselves to the sides hang the peanut-shaped cells that house infant queens.
Here they are building up the comb to fill with honey.

I believe these frames are unprocessed nectar and the pollen storage cells. There may be some brood cells but right now they are more concerned with storing up for the winter.

Super filled with honey.

Taking the honey supers back to the house to be extracted.
Frames filled with honey.

Cutting off the caps so the honey can be spun out in the extractor.

Pure Honeycomb.
Cutting it out.

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Putting the comb into the extractor.

Spinning out the honey.

Comb honey...

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Hungry little bears!!

Chewing on the honeycomb...very yummy!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Someone Turned Three!!

Umm no not Chris...but she was up bright and early to help with the morning chores.

There she is opening presents!!
Not sure what Addy loved more her presents or all the attention!

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Chickens having their own party with the corn husks.

Cake time!!

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