Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Morning

It started out good. The kids woke up happy and had a nice breakfast. I had a bite to eat with them but was still a little hungry so I made a little something more. I kids are playing in the kitchen happily, until the minute my butt hits the chair and I take my first bite. Axel immediately wants to be in my lap whining that something hurts. Then Addy slips in the kitchen and bumps her head screaming at the top of her lungs like she just might die. I set Axel down and go check Addy out. This is when of course Axel has an imaginary owie happen to him. Mommy owie, mommy owie being screamed at the top of his lungs. So I now have them both on my lap while trying to eat my breakfast. Neither of them are very happy about this because they both wanted my full attention.
Done eating kids have calmed down and I need some coffee! My first attempt somehow ended with all the coffee grounds in my cup of coffee so I start all over. Ahhh finally a cup of coffee...I grab it to go sit up stairs with the kids and the cup hits something and coffee goes everywhere. I spend the next 10 min cleaning that up then gulp whats left in the bottom of the cup and rush off to go see what disaster the kids have made while unsupervised. The fun never ends.
Let me just ask you...where in the world does this third child fit in?!?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Mighty Fly Hunter

Axel loves to help us kill flies. If he sees one in the house he runs for the fly swatter and away he goes. Here he is very proudly showing off his kill.

Pretend play with Daddy

Random Pictures

Our story time: Axel wants us to read him lots of books and Addy doesn't want to be left out. Although she really has little interest in sitting and listening to us read. Axel gets upset because Addy is ruining story time and Addy gets upset because we won't give her the book to play with.

Road Trip Continued

This is not how happy and pleasant they looked. This is a rare moment were they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The Space and Air Museum on the way home.
Axel wanted to look into every display case. Daddy got a work out.
Daddy and his little girl flying a plane.

Is it real!?
Excited to be out of the car...Below Axel being a little monkey.

Becca's pre-wedding party...very fun!!
Cruising the town.