Sunday, November 9, 2008

This last week was fairly uneventful. The highlight of my week was when Kent my wonderful, caring and thoughtful husband came home early on Thursday to cook a special supper. It came exactly when I needed it most. I didn't want to even think about making supper and the kids had been driving me up the wall...mostly Axel with all the whining. I was so happy to see his smiling face and even more happy to have a wonderful supper cooked for me!

This week-end was also wonderful. My parents spent the week-end at our house. Axel loves Brenton and had a blast playing with him. It was also nice to have a little break with Adelynn. Kent went hunting on Sat. saw a few deer but didn't shoot anything. He's holding out for the big buck!:) That evening we all went out to eat at the Asian House. Yumm! Then Sun meeting, a nice little family lunch and some games. My studious little daughter.

Addy being all talkative and smiley. This outfit is the one Tiffany wore when she was a baby. Patty do you remember it? How old was she when she wore it?

Caught Adelynn cooing a little but couldn't get any really good videos. Everytime I turned on the camera she would stop and look at the camera all big eyed.


Herod Happenings said...

You have beautiful children! We hear about them when we see your mom and dad, Kent. Hope to meet your family someday.
Your cousin,

Tiffany said...

Well, my mom doesn't seem to remember when I wore that...sure is cute! I think it's probably much cuter on Adelynn than me!!! Miss you! I haven't checked on the blog in a while, you are doing such a great job on it!!! Tons of super duper cute pictures!