Monday, February 16, 2009

We're Back!

We haven't posted in awhile because we left our charger at my parents and were waiting till they came up this week-end to get it back. Now the camera is back in action. I know I could have posted without pictures but I was lazy and it's more fun with pictures.

Kent was working on putting in the breakfast nook and Axel helped the whole time. He loved working right along side daddy.

The beautiful sunset in our little ole' town.
Our wonderful meal of roasted veggies, marinaded Buffalo steaks, seared Ahi salad and rice....delicious.
The beautiful flowers Kent got me for Valentines day. Thank-you to my wonderful husband!
Close up of seared Ahi.

For Valentines day Kent surprised me by getting all the ingredients to make sushi and flowers. Then we spend the day making wonderful sushi rolls and gorging ourselves. Don't mind me in the picture above..I'm still in my p.j.'s.
Axel loved the tempura shrimp and veggies.
Here we have some spicy ahi sushi rolls and a sushi roll with cream cheese, tempura shrimp, tempura asparagus and jalapeno peppers.
Helping mama clean the house.
Sage the doggy in the picture above is Tiffany's dog. Hopefully they will be staying with us for a while:) Axel got a kick out of Sage jumping up and peeking out the window.

Our little doggy Chloe.

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