Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our neighbor a couple blocks down went on vacation and said her back yard is ours. :) She has a huge fenced in yard and two fun this to play on and around. The kids had lots of fun.
When we were done playing outside and were getting ready to go..Axel got all excited and ran to the front door. I told him they weren't home so we couldn't go in and play. He was devastated.

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sunnyMNsunnyAZ said...

How fun you must have had......can't wait to swing with the kids and squeeze them to death!!!
xxxooo grammie

leannla83 said...

Hello! I havn't looked at your blog for ages! I had heaps of fun catching up on your old posts and seeing pics of you beautiful kiddie winks! How are you these days. we need to get together :)