Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jerry and Leanne here for the week-end

Eating homemade ice cream Sunday afternoon.
We let Addy lick off the mixer..her expression says it all.:)
At the River Bats baseball came on Sat. night. The kids loved it, lots going on. I won the tickets and they were really good seats.

All the kids asleep after a rough afternoon of shopping and playing.
Bowden and Axel on the slide.
Benjamin he is 8 months old and as big or bigger then Addy. Quite a cutie.
Cute little Addy, she is really starting to get around now and explore.
Happy after a big meal at the mall.
Weston stopped and meet us at the mall on his way home. He was our official manny for the day. :)
Getting ready to head into the mall with our two double strollers. Look out everyone!
My happy little shopper, excited to get going.

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sunnyMNsunnyAZ said...

What a darling BIG BOW girl. Keep on posting. Looks like you had a super weekend!