Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Installing our Fence

I never thought one day I would be so over joyed to have a fenced in yard. A while back I told my dear husband that I wanted a fence, so he searched far and wide and got very lucky to find this one on craigslist. Oh how we love craigslist. It's exactly what we were looking for but never thought we would get. Now all because of my wonderful husband and all his hard work I can sit in my comfy chair drinking ice tea while my crazy children are contained in our own backyard. Oh yeah and this is the first summer I'm not going to be pregnant. This I'm also over joyed about but has nothing to do with the fence. Bring on the long, warm, sunshiny, days of summer!!

So here you have it. My handsome husband in his not so handsome outfit hard at work with all his tools to get this fence done.

Does your husband have any articles of clothing that you just wish would disappear? Ever since we have been married, umm actually ever since we were dating he has had these article of clothing that should just poof disappear.

This fence has been quite the project. First of all the ground in our little town is very rocky. Big rocks and augers do not get along. Here we are using a thing called a Jawhorse one of daddies presents (according to Axel) also two grippy things to hold the levels in place. This all adds up to building a fence being a one man job.

Oh so beautiful...never thought I'd think a fence would be so beautiful. Oh how life changes.


Jason, Sarah, Tristan, Wade, and Owen said...

That IS a beautiful fence! And those ARE ugly shorts! :) It's funny how parenting makes us dream of things like fences! :) I can't wait for one of my own!

Cheri said...

Beautiful! I think I have fence envy! Not that we don't have plenty fences around, they're just all to keep the kids OUT (pond, pasture) and I want one to keep the kids IN!

Mama Cas said...

I honestly don't know what I'd do if my yard weren't fenced in! You're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The best part? If the kids are having fun, you can run inside to answer the phone or get a drink of water or use the bathroom without rounding them all up to come inside with you. YIPPEE FOR FENCES!!