Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maybe they did need to nap!!

I had intended for them to take a nap but it did not go as planned. Nap time has become more and more of a struggle. One problem is that Addy is no longer in a crib so to get her to understand she needs to stay in her bed and rest can be a bit of a challenge. Then there is Axel who knows better so he stays in his bed most of the time but he asks Addy to go get this and that for him. So I come down to a room that is a mess. Well yesterday..while they were suppose to be napping I was running around getting some things done. After about 45min or so had passed Addy comes and finds me with no diaper on and a strong smell of poop. Upon further investigation I realize she is covered in it. So into the tub she goes to get the scrub down. I dread going down to the bedroom to see where the explosion took place but on I go. There is Axel sitting in the mist of it saying I cleaned it up mom. Sure enough...he had went through a whole tub of wipes and a couple diapers. There was poop covered wipes everywhere and smeared poop in way too many places. It took a while to get it all cleaned up and after I had little energy to struggle to get them to take a nap so I said no nap today.

Later that evening I was making supper and I yelled down to Axel since the kids were being a little too quiet to ask if everything was ok. Axel said, "yeah Addy's ok she's just sleeping." I came downstairs and the above pictures are what I found. Then while Axel was suppose to be eating his supper (I was upstairs nursing Gavin) he laid his head down on the table and fell asleep.
Good to know that my kids still need their nap no matter how much they struggle and protest.


Jason, Sarah, Tristan, Wade, and Owen said...

Oh wow! I am so sorry about the major mess to clean! Ick! You are such a good mom, though, you just handle it all! :)

Mary said...

Oh my, the challenges of nap time! This is so cute.....and a great story to go with it!!

Jess said...

WOW! I guess I have a lot to look forward to huh? Cute story, but I bet you were clentching your teeth the whole time huh? You are definietly one super mom!