Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Progress

Kitchen is coming along. Above Tiffany is caulking.
Getting all settled in...unpacked all our kitchen boxes. Next up putting all the doors back on. More pictures to come.
The kiddo's room.
Bathroom is coming along. Above new flooring is in and toilet is back in place. Below tub is in and I believe most of the plumbing is done. It's almost ready for me to take a hot steamy bath...can't wait!


Jenny said...

I love the kitchen! Is that gray I see on the walls? That's what I was considering re-painting mine...not sure yet though. Also...what is the yellow stuff below the cabinets? We're having a hard time deciding what to do under ours since what's there now is formica, and we either tear that off and wreck the sheetrock below, or leave it there but what sticks to it???

Cheri said...

love your kitchen!

sunnyMNsunnyAZ said...

Nice pictures, Jacinda. Thanks for posting them. Glad to see you've accomplished so much. Thank Tiffany for helping out. Hear that Becca will be coming out next week. Good for all of you!