Friday, May 27, 2011

Mud and More Mud

First let me just say that these pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me. How is that your kids just seem to know when your patience is lacking and test it every second? Well the beginning of this week I decided to buckle down and do laundry. I had maybe 5 loads to get through and wanted them all done by the end of the day. The kids were playing outside. I heard Gavin crying so went to check. Axel and Addy had made the long hike across the field to a food plot that Kent had plowed up and left Gavin behind. I didn't think much of it and went to check on the animals. Next thing I know Axel is back and Addy is screaming bloody murder. She is still out in the field. Axel and I head out to get her leaving Gavin crying/ screaming because once again he is left behind. We finally make it to Addy whose feet are stuck and had been knocked down by our dog. She was covered head to toe in mud. I had to take my shoes off to get to her because I too kept getting stuck. We made it back to the house and immediately through all my screaming kids into the tub. What did I get out of the deal...oh yeah another load of laundry. Then lunch and I sent them back out without clothes on and told them to not go near any mud. Wasn't long and Gavin comes screaming to the door. He has mud in his hair, and all down his back. Then around the corner comes Axel looking oh so innocent with hands covered in mud. That was it I'd had enough it was nap time.
After another bath and a fight to get everyone calmed down for naps...there was PEACE.

That evening the kids got a hold of some permanent markers and did a little art work on the walls, couch, and themselves...just in case I didn't have enough to clean up.


Shannon said...

this will be funny in retrospect!! ugh!

Dan Seiler Family said...

congratulations! we hadn't heard that you were expecting. Such precious children!

Take Care,