Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gunnar 2 months old

I have yet to get a good picture of him smiling and also hope to get a video of him talking. It seems the camera is never around when he really puts on a show and I'm usually so captivated that I just sit there staring, smiling and cooing back. These are after all the moments that make the long pregnancy and labor worth it.

Axel looks so grown up here. Some days this little boy sends me over the edge with his whining, teasing his siblings and acting like a baby. Then all the sudden he is acting all grown up by being really helpful without even being asked. He just sees whats needs to get done and he does it. This morning Addy came screaming over to me while I was nursing Gunnar because her hands were still sticky from breakfast. I said I'll help you soon I'm almost done. She continues to break down screaming and crying. Axel comes over and says, "come on Addy I'll help you wash up", and away they went.
Yesterday I picked the kids up at my parents. When it was time to go Axel put his shoes and coat on and then took all their suitcases to the car. Then he went to my mom's van and got all the car seats out and put them in our van. When I finally come out with Gunnar he was working on the last car seat and I said I can get it. He said, "no mom I got it."


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