Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New room!

Chad and Anna came over this last week-end and built us another bedroom for the kids. It has been stressing me out that all three kids would be in the same room. We have two rooms upstairs but the kids room is really same so they would all have to be moved to the master room and then Kent and I would squeeze into the kids room.
This new room downstairs eliminates all of that. We get to keep our comfy room, Axel and Addy get a nice new room and I get a nursery to put the new baby in!! It is all very exciting. Below are some pictures of the process. All that's left to do is sand, texture and paint the walls. Then fix the flooring and apply the trim and we have another room! I'm so lucky to have a brother in law like Chad that does such great work.Laying it out

Installing dry wall.

Drywall taped and mud applied.
Stay tuned for finished product.

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