Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Of course the night did not go as I had perfectly planned but over all it was good. The kids had some fun and I got some candy:)
So after supper we took the kids out. It was cold and Addy was tired. She was a skunk and Axel was a cowboy. As always Axel took a while to warm up to the idea of trick or treating. So as we are heading home this is when he decides he is really having fun and is super excited about everyone putting candy in his bag. So we take Addy home to bed and Axel goes out for some more fun but this time as a skunk. (it was warmer) He even started saying trick or treat although he was way to quiet for any one to hear him. The funniest this was to see him waddle up to the houses with his skunk costume on. It it wasn't so dark I would have a video to say everyone. Sorry.

Cowboy Axel above and Little miss sticky below. This was the night before Halloween.

Here is Axel all ready to go out the second time dressed as a skunk.
Here are the not so happy trick or treaters and my handsome husband.
The cowboy and skunk's chariot.

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