Thursday, March 5, 2009

Axel's new thing

  • As soon as Axel hears me doing anything in the kitchen he is there. He comes flying in gets all excited and runs to the dining room to grab a chair and push it up to the counter right next to me right in the middle of the flying knives and boiling water. I say no you can't help mommy right now take him off the chair and push the chair back. He then proceeds to throw himself on the floor screaming and crying until he realizes mommy is ignoring him and back trying to get something done. Then it starts all over again. Axel running to the dining room to get a chair. It seems what used to take me 10min to takes a good half hour or so.
  • This morning I was trying to get both kids ready and out the door to go meet a friend and hang out in town. I had finally gotten them both fed and dressed when Addy very loudly informed me to feed her. I feed her and then got her coat on and in the car seat then went to find Axel. Found him almost completely had to dress him all over again and finally out the door we went.

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sunnyMNsunnyAZ said...

oh, the joys of parenthood! guess what? we all had the same problems with our kids, so there's "nothing new under the sun." Hope it gets easier soon, honey...