Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adelynn sleeping with grandpa on a lazy sunday afternoon.

Adelynn loves to be swaddled when she is ready to fall asleep so Kent thought it would be funny to swaddle Axel also. Axel thought it was fun for about 2 min and then he was all done.:)

Our new minivan. We now travel in luxury. It was quite the change from our other vehicle a Scion. We now have plenty of room for 2 kids, a dog and all our stuff.


clausen family said...

Congratulations on your new bundle!
You have very cut kids. Adelynn sure looks like you-Jacinda and Axel looks like Brenton. Kent where do you come in to the picture?

Tiffany said...

hahahahahahahaha you took that photo just for me didnt ya????? minivan momma...tsk tsk. Awesome blog besides the minivan:) super cute pictures! funfun!