Friday, October 24, 2008

Adelynn's Birth Story

Here goes the promised birth story.
For about the last month of my pregnancy I was having lots of braxton hicks...a number of times they would make it hard for me to sleep at night and I would think maybe this is it. I would then start timing them but by morning they would taper off. On Fri. afternoon the 5th of sept. we went out to a Thai restaurant with Mike and Lois and I ordered some spicy curry. On the way out I used the bathroom and lost my plug. During the day I continued to have contractions here and there. That evening we went to Mike and Lois's to play games. It was a late night and we ended up getting home around 11:30 or so. I managed to get a few hours of sleep but was rudely awoken by intense contractions around 2am. I timed them and they continued to get worse. I went in and woke Kent up around 3am and we called the midwife. I labored for a while in the bathroom and then a little in the bedroom thinking that when the pain got a little worse I would get into the tub downstairs. Well it wasn't long before I decided to head to the tub but I didn't even make it out of our bedroom before a strong contraction hit. Then another one at the top of the stairs. Then another one before I could even get into the bathroom downstairs. Kent was helping me every step of the way. I told him after that last one that I needed to use the bathroom again. I made it into the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet when another strong contraction hit and then there was a huge water broke. Immediately afterwards I had a really really painful contraction...I just remember beating my head against the wall and trying to ride it out. Then there was really intense pressure down there and I put my hand down there to feel what was going on and there it was the head. I yelled at Kent, "I'm pushing!!" (who was on the phone with the midwife who was not yet there) and then I lost it a little and started screaming at the top of my lungs. This is when Kent came in and said, "the midwife says you need to calm down." Sitting on the toilet the pressure was just too much to take and I didn't want our girl to be born in the toilet bowl so I managed to get off with Kent's help and get on my hands and knees on the bathroom floor. I calmed myself down and Kent helped me to just breath through the pushes. It was about 3 pushes and her head was out. Then one more and our little girl was born. Kent was right there to catch her and then help me to sit so I could hold her. I held her while Kent ran to get blankets and then after a few min. decided to get into the tub. It was about 15 min later that the midwife showed up. She helped us prepare the cord so that Kent could cut it and then about an hour later I delivered the placenta. I was all a very amazing and personal experience for Kent and I. Those few min. that it was just the 3 of us on the bathroom floor were very precious. I have such an amazing husband to be so supportive and encouraging through it all. I could have never done it without him.
Immediately after the birth.
Proud Mama and Papa a few hours after the birth.


Tiffany said...

hee hee!!! we can always count on you to put in the details! You wrote that very well I think! I'm still amaze how good you look in those pictures without the drug induced state (as so often seen nowadays).

Jenny said...

Awesome birth story! I just found your link on Amber's blog, so I had to check it out. I'll be a regular from now on, just to warn ya!

Cheri said...

i just found your blog...and read your birth story. oh my! the midwife says you need to calm down?? i don't know how well received i would have taken that!! Sounds like you wouldn't have made it to the hospital even if you wanted to? i look great!! i had one of those drug free births...and i did NOT look like that!!

Cheri said...
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