Sunday, January 25, 2009

AZ Trip 2009 con.

Arizona Landscaping.

This is the back yard...fake grass.

Wow! That's a lot of cows!

Daddy and daughter.
Axel loved the pool and loved hanging out with Lane and Alesha.
Axel loved helping Grammie make orange juice almost as much as drinking it. :)
We went to an Olive Mill to take a tour and get some yummy samples. I was pretty sceptical about trying the stuffed olives because I've never tasted an olive I've liked, but I tried one and couldn't stop. I actually liked them. It was quite exciting and no I'm not pregnant. :)
The whole crew minus Lane. Actually all these pictures here are compliments of Lane. Thank-you Lane!
Axel's boots....he loves them and so do I...they're so cute.
Playing with the doggy door..pretty excited about it.
Our little chunky monkey.
Family photo before meeting. I had just woke up from a nap. Axel was eating a snack. Daddy is being goofy...Adelynn was the only one ready.
The whole crew.
Organ Stop Pizza.
I love this you can see we are pretty excited.
Adelynn wasn't so sure.
Axel and Lane seem to like it too.
Auntie Alesha and Axel in the community room at Mike and Lois's.
That's all folks!!


Amber said...

From the sparks flying in the picture at sunset, I suppose you could be having a third and you just don't know it yet....;0)

Phil&Autumn said...

Hey Jacinda! your kids are so darn cute!! Love adelynn's rolls!!! hehe! Better love them now, because I'm sure they won't last! :D She is a doll!