Sunday, January 25, 2009

AZ Trip 2009

Adelynn concentrating very hard to get the fork in her mouth.
Arizona oranges are delicious. I think this was pretty close to being Axel's favorite thing about AZ. There were orange balls everywhere and he could eat them.

Our very romantic date night. This is us at sunset on our hike.

Over looking Phoenix.


Amber said...

sweet picture of you two...i love date night.

Ben, Heather & kids said...

Not sure if you know who i am. But I enjoy your blog. Love the sunset pictures. I have relatives in Phoneix.

Jacinda said...

Thanks Amber...yeah I really look forward to date night.

Anonymous said...

you guys did pick a good week to be gone! oooo your pics make me miss AZ! we didn't go this year. we've been to that organ/pizza place, and we love it too!!! one time they played "under the sea-little mermaid" and bubbles came out everywhere-jonna just loved it! last time we were in AZ, we thought about going to the olive mill place since it was pretty close to where my parents used to live (they've moved closer into pheonix now)...i'm not an olive eater either...but now i'll defintiely have to try it next time.